Teletector Simulator

Teletector Simulator

STS 904


The STS 904 system comprises a modified Saphymo 6150AD and telescopic pole with a radiofrequency source,  to simulate the radiation source. The simulated instrument uses a sophisticated detector to measure the RF signal from the source, and this is then displayed on the meter, in appropriate units. Because the instrument responds directly to the signal from the source, the system provides an extremely realistic simulation.


Two major benefits arise from the use of radio signals in this way - the system obeys the Inverse Square Law, thus simulating ionising radiation, and secondly, the shielding properties of materials affects the simulated radiation in a similar way to ionising radiation.
Simulators provide an ideal way of testing and qualifying staff - Staff may be set real problems to resolve as part of their test or qualification for a certain job function. Examples could include finding a lost source, limiting their exposure by time-and-distance shielding, or performing a task without exceeding a certain dose.

We are always happy to look at new instruments and are able to bespoke instruments and sources to customer's requirements.


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