Simulated Point Sources

Simulated Point Sources

STS 911, 914 & 915 Sources



STS 911 and 911DVR Box Sources
A grey plastic box, 70 x 80 x 140mm houses the source and the simulated radiation emerges from one end in a cone with an angle of about 120 degrees. This source is powered by 4 C cells which are installed within the case. This source is available with an optional remote control which enables the trainer to adjust the strength of the simulated field being produced.


STS 914 Miniature Box Source
The 914 is designed so that it can be easily hidden in a training area – it is only 45 x 70 x 90 mm, so can be inserted in small gaps in walls, floors and ceilings. The simulated radiation field emerges from one side of the unit in a cone with an angle of about 120 degrees. It is operated by the STS Power Supply with a 5m cable.


STS 915 Collimated Source

The 915 is designed to reproduce a collimated type source.  The source incorporates a shielded body which means that no significant emission is seen to the sides or rear of the source.  The radiation field is emittered from one end of the tube in an approximate beam of 60 degrees.  The unit is operated from 4 x AA cells giving an operating time of several hours. 


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