Safe-Variable MiniSource

Safe-Variable MiniSource

Variable Simulated Radiation Source

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The STS Safe-Variable MiniSource simulator is a simulated radiation source designed to aid the tuition of workers in the nuclear industry in safe practices and in understanding the nature and mechanics of ionising radiation .
The instrument operates using an STS radio frequency emitter to generate a field which can be detected by the Survey-Safe or Dosi-Safe with the resultant reading displayed on the LCD Display of the instrument.

The Safe-MiniSource is designed to be easily hidden and features a single button to turn the source on/off and a led to indicate battery low.

The Safe-MiniSource is a simulated radiation field generator which will generate a near isotropic field pattern providing a field of approx 15M in all directions.



The source features a variable selection switch which recreates different activity levels for the source from 0.5uSv to 25mSv at a distance of 1M (over 10 Sv at contact) allowing multiple training scenarios to be run covering all types of releases.

The Safe-MiniSource runs off 2 standard AAA cells giving an operation time of over 10hrs.

The Safe-Series of instruments offer the perfect solution for CBRN Training, Hazmat Training and Homeland Security Training with simple intuitive controls, competitive pricing and low ongoing cost of ownership.

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The STS Safe-MiniSource is not designed to be intrinsically safe and therefore should not be used in hazardous environments. The units are not waterproof and contain delicate and sensitive electronics which may be caused to fail if exposed to moisture. Units should be stored in a clean and dry environment, batteries should be removed if storing for more than 4 weeks.
Instrument response will be affected by environmental conditions such as the presence of large reflective surfaces, substantial metal structures and variable wall thicknesses.


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