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The new Safe-Series of generic radiation field simulators.

The STS Safe-Series has been developed in conjunction with Reading University and the Technology Strategy Board.
The development remit was to produce a generic series of instruments suitable for all users across the Nuclear Plant, Homeland Security (CBRN) and Emergency Services sectors.

 The unit has been designed to be cost effective to produce and maintain allowing a lower sales price and cost of ownership.
The system is designed to be modular so that future instruments and sources can be developed to meet customers requirements but still work with the original equipment.
Controls have been kept simple and realistic, with buttons suitable for use in gloved hands , easy to read clear LCD displays and intuitive menu navigation.
The result is a realistic and effective training device within the budget of users from across industry and forms the building blocks to a better training experience.

STS Survey-Safe

The new STS Safe-Series of instruments are a generic family of ionising radiation simulators.
The Instruments are designed to give the user a realistic training experience and to aid their understanding of the relationship between monitoring instruments and radiation fields.
The use of simulators allows trainers to achieve a number of key learning objectives without the need to use real sources. The Survey-Safe features a bespoke detection system to create a near isotropic response. The instrument uses standard AA cells for over 10 hours of constant operation.
Inverse square law
Distance & Time considerations
Shielding and Attenuation
Procedural response to field levels
Source location and retrieval
Establishment of control zones
Accumulated dose monitoring
Rehearsal of plant maintenance routines
Training to reduce time in hazardous areas
Exposure to simulated high radiation levels for emergency training

STS Dosi-Safe

The STS Dosi-Safe is a simulated electronic personal dosimeter which responds to the Safe-MiniSource. The dosimeter is designed to be easy to use and configure whilst giving a realistic response. The dosimeter features:
LCD backlit 32 character display
Audible chirp and alarm function
LED chirp and Alarm function
Selectable Alarm Thresholds
Selectable Background
Selectable Chirp rate
Standard AA Batteries

STS Safe-MiniSource

The Safe-MiniSource is designed to be easily hidden to enhance the realism of a training session. It is small enough at just 80x60x40mm to be used in lost source recovery exercises.
The source uses a low powered Radio Frequency device to generate an isotropic field pattern. The source can therefore be approached from any direction with either the Survey-Safe or the Dosi-Safe both of which will respond to the same source.
Isotropic Field Pattern
Small size 80x60x40mm
Fixed activity Level
Works with both Survey-Safe and Dosi-Safe Instruments
Standard AAA batteries
No Radioactive Source handling restrictions or paperwork

The Safe-Series allows users to bring together both the Survey-Safe meter and the Dosi-Safe electronic personal dosimeter to respond to a single source.
The result is the ability to demonstrate to trainees the relationship between the dose rate seen on their meter and the accumulated dose on their dosimeter. Many users will never have been in a position where their EPD alarms due to a dose alarm threshold being exceeded. With the Safe-Series this can be easily demonstrated without any exposure to trainer or trainee.  The true value of the system lies in the ability to educate trainees in radiation dose reduction techniques with the aim of bringing down their radiation exposure and thus complying with ALARP.  Radiation Safety Training using simulated radiation instruments is beneficial to all, the trainees receives less dose, the trainer receives less dose, administration is reduced by not handling real sources and procedures are improved so that when implemented in a real environment dose exposure is reduced.

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