Ram Gene 1 MkII

Ram Gene 1 MkII

Radiation Suvery Version


The STS Ram Gene consists of a real Rotem Ram Gene with added STS electronics, and is a tool used in Radiation Protection Training in many Police forces and Hospital Radiation Training Departments in the UK.

The unit developed by STS utilises microwave technology to safely replicate radiation fields. A microwave source, such as those shown, is placed in the training area and the simulated unit activated, the instrument then functions exactly as the real instrument does but is detecting the microwaves not ionising radiation.

The simulators are able to replicate characteristic shielding and approximation to the inverse square law providing a very realistic training platform.

The use of simulators also helps to limit the exposure of the trainer – if real sources are used, every training session poses an additional cumulative dose to the trainer, while the trainee receives only the dose resulting from the session attended. 

An STS 913 source can be used to provide a background radiation field with the STS 911VR or STS 914 acting as a point source, a great test for trainee’s monitoring techniques.

The Ram Gene controls and characteristics remain unchanged from the real instrument, button function and screen display is identical as are alarm functions and audio output. The simulator is identical in size except that it is slightly deeper than the original instrument.

The simulator runs on a 9V PP3 battery which should give approximately 4 hours of continual use.

Attenuation of materials may be shown by placing the meter behind various shields such as plaster board, wood & glass. The thickness and density of the material will vary the signal received and demonstrate the value of using shielding to protect the worker.


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