Pipe & Omnidirectional Sources

Pipe & Omnidirectional Sources

STS 912 &913 Sources


Hex_Source.JPG      pipe_source.JPG

   STS 913VR Hex Source                   STS 912 Pipe Source

STS 913VR Hexagonal Source
This source is useful for training where the trainee may approach the source from any direction- the radiation is emitted from each of the six faces and therefore can be detected in all horizontal directions. This unit is available with a remote control function which allows the trainer to adjust the strength of the radiation field being produced without the knowledge of the trainee. The source is 150mm diameter and 80 mm high,with a Power Supply & 5m cable. ►►

STS 912 Pipe Source
This source consists of a plastic tube 50 mm diameter and 150 mm long, connected to an STS Power Supply which contains 4 D cells. The Pipe Source is designed so that it may be installed in a pipework mock up, within a plastic leg. The simulated radiation field can be adjusted to emerge from any direction by simply adjusting the orientation of the internal emitter.


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