How it Works

How it Works

Radiation Field Simulation


The New STS Safe-Series is the latest development in hand held radiation instrument simulation providing the most realistic experience yet for trainees in the Nuclear Industry, Homeland Security and Emergency Services. 

This new system has been developed to as closely as possible mimic a real ionising radiation field and the detection instruments have been designed to replicate the real response an instrument would give.


The simulated field is generated with a Radio Frequency source which utilises a unique antennae design  producing a near isotropic field of simulated radioactivity. The field is emitted in all directions out to a distance of approximately 15M depending on the activity level set on the source.      

The Safe Series MiniSources are extremely compact measuring just 80x60x40mm and so are ideal for covert training for either emergency planning, source retrieval or CBRN exercises.  The sources are available in either a fixed activity level which may be selected individually on ordering or a variable activity from a choice of 10 settings.  The flexible software allows for simulated radiation fields of up to 10Sv/hr to be generated and down to 0.5uSV/hr for more subtle applications. 

The detectors alarm and background levels can be preset such that they are in line with the real instruments used by the trainees, this applies to both the Safe-Survey meters and Dosimeters.  The nuclear training can therefore be truly tailored to the trainees requirements be that Ambulance or HART radiation training, Police radiation response training, Military training, Civilian Nuclear Power or Homeland Security hazmat training.

The real benefit of the new Safe-Series comes when group training is required.  Up to 16 units can be fielded at any one time and in any combination.  So 6 participants can all have a survey meter operating whilst wearing a Safe-EPD or Dosi-Safe dosimeter and 4 sources of different field strengths can also be fielded- as below.


 All of the units talk to each other and the effect of having multiple sources means an accumulated field strength is registered on the instrument.  Exercises may therefore be conducted to demonstrate the hazards involved where multiple sources are located and a large source may be masking the activity of other weaker sources.

The Safe-Series system requires no trainer input except to set up the background and alarm levels required before commencing a training session.  Levels once set are remembered by the system so that next time the units are ready to go without adjustment, on delivery the instruments are set to the customers requested setting before being dispatched.

Both Dosimeters and Survey meters have LED alarm lights which are activated once the alarm threshold is breached and audible buzzers (approx 80DB) which sound on the thresholds of either rate or dose alarms.  On the dosimeters the alarm has to be acknowledged in order to stop the unit from sounding, each alarm has a different tone with the final dose alarm being an uninterrupted tone.

The radio frequency system allows the signal to be read though materials such as wood, brick, glass and plasterboard - and the signal received by the instrument is attenuated differently for each material.  The system is therefore particularly suited to demonstrating the effects of distance (inverse square law), shielding and time on the trainees received dose.

As new instruments are developed by STS so they will all still work with the existing system - so new instruments can be incorporated into the existing Safe Series framework without needing to replace existing equipment.

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