STS works with a number of dedicated distributors for the promotion and sale of our range of SIMULATED RADIATION INSTRUMENTS.
Our current Radiation Simulator Distributors are:                                       

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SOUTH KOREA  - Si Detection - www.satreci.com

Si Detecion have now been appointed as distributors for STS radiation simulation products in South Korea, Si Detection are part of the Satrec group who specialise in satellite technology and radiation monitoring equipment. South Korea is a vibrant and growing market and STS are delighted to have partnered with Si Detection to enter this new market.



INDIA - CBRNe Solution - www.cbrnesolution.com

CBRNe are the newly appointed distributors for STS products in India, they have an established position in the Indian market and are looking to introduce training simulation into this rapidly expanding arena. CBRNe represent manufacturers including Saab and Dect amongst many.



CHINA:  Onbound Safetech Co


Onbound specialise in the supply of instrumentation and safety equipment to the Civil Power Generation market as well as Homeland Security and Medical sectors. They currently represent a number of International companies including Salisbury, Total fire and North.




Gammadata cover the nordic countries supplying STS equipment for nuclear worker training. Gammadata who were founded in 1987 supply instrumentation from a wide range of suppliers including, Rotem, Berthold, Rados, Mirion, Tracerco & FLIR.



NETHERLANDS: STRATEC SERVICES  www.stratecservices.nl

Stratec Services bv cover the Netherlands and supply equipment to Nuclear plant, medical, homeland security and emergency service sectors.  Stratec are a long established company with current distribution agreements with Thermo, FLIR, RTI & IBA.



BELGIUM :  RAYDIANT  www.raydiant.be

Raydiant distribute STS products in Belgium.  Peter Reusens runs a company dealing with the Nuclear industry, waste management, research, power plant and medical fields.  Raydiant are distributors for Thermo, RTI, IBA & ICX.


USA : RSCS  www.radsafety.com
RSCS are a distributor for STS products in the USA, Cananda and Puerto Rico. STS have enjoyed a long established relationship with RSCS who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the Nuclear market.


Bill Snooks of Pycko has been STS’s Exclusive UK distributor for over 8 years and brings a wealth of industry experience to help customers make the right decision when choosing simulators for their training programmes.


FRANCE : SAPHYMO www.saphymo.com
Saphymo have become a well established distributor for STS with an excellent reputation in the French Nuclear Industry for providing quality and service and have the exclusive rights to the French distribution of STS products.


AUSTRALIA : ARS www.australian-radiation-services.com.au
ARS are the sole distributor of STS products in Australia and are committed to expanding the market for STS instruments in the fields of Nuclear science and Homeland Security


ITALY: RADTECH www.radtech.it
Radtech are keen to utilise their experience in the Italian Market to promote the benefits of using Simulated radiation training equipment for the safety of trainees and trainers alike.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our simulated radiation and contamination instruments please contact us via the contact us page - please include the following information:

  • Which radiation instrument companies do you represent and which instruments do you regularly sell?
  • What territory do you cover, and who are your main customers in the radiation industry?
  • How many employees does your company have? and how long have you been trading?
  • Please feel free to include any other information that will support your request.