UK Nuclear Plant invests in smart probes

Posted by: on 14th February 2017 at 12:00 pm
UK Nuclear Plant invests in smart probes

STS is about to deliver on another order  for its unique smart simulation probe for use with the Thermo RadEye.

The order from one of the UK's Nuclear Power Plants is for the DP6 style smart probes which house all the electronics and batteries within the actual probe itself.


 The probe can be used with any Thermo RadEye SX model with the provided bnc cable.


Full functionality of the RadEye is retained so all alarms, alpha and beta counts etc function as normal and can be user set.

The probes offer the ability to train workers in contamination monitoring , cross contamination and decontamination all without the need for any exposure to radioactive material.

Lessons can be repeated and differnet scenarios set up and rerun all with the trainees safety being protected and accumulating zero dose.