STS supplies PHE with new Pocket Sources

Posted by: on 13th March 2017 at 12:35 pm
STS supplies PHE with new Pocket Sources

 Safe Training Systems are supplying Public Health England (PHE) with their new Safe-Series Pocket Sources to add to their extensive set of simulation equipment supplied by STS.

PHE provide specialist training and courses in the fields of radiation and contamination monitoring for workers in the Nuclear Industry, Homeland Security, Construction and Medical sectors. PHE have fully embraced the use of simulated instruments to provide hands on training without the use of any real sources whilst providing an accurate and realistic experience.


The STS Pocket Sources will complement their existing Safe Series kit - including Survey-Safe, Dosi-Safe and Mini-Sources.  The pocket source offers a neat package with simple controls which is easily hidden either on a person or in a simulated workplace.  The source emits a 360 degree field pattern and can be used to demonstrate the effects of shielding and time/distance on the received dose of the trainee.


PHE also utilise STS's contamination simulators in the form of Simulated Thermo Electra's with DP6 probes, Thermo Mini 900's with recently supplied EP15 probes and the STS Rotem Ram Gene simulators. These units enable trainees to be taught how to monitor correctly, prevention of cross contamination and decontamination techniques.  The STS simulation system uses a clear non toxic liquid which produces a gas vapour detected by the simulated probes, detecting the gas requires proper monitoring technique, slow and low - too quick and the simulant will be missed, too high and the same.

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