STS Pocket Source

Posted by: on 21st October 2016 at 11:50 am
STS Pocket Source

 STS have introduced a new source to their range of simulated radiation field training devices.  The Safe-Series Pocket Source is designed to be easily hidden either in a persons clothing or in a training area scenario.  The compact size and shape make it ideal, and the quick battery access aids in rapid change.  

Pocket Source_1.jpg

The source device still maintains a near isotropic field pattern and range out to 10M depending on the activity level selected.  The device has 10 preset levels allowing multiple different scenarios to be trained involving different source types.  The device can alos demonstrate effective shielding - penetrating most materials except metal, and showing good inverse square response.

The pocket source is compatible with the entire Safe-Series range including the survey safe, Safe-FH40 and Safe-EPD and can be used in multiple units to create more complex field exercises.


The source lends itself particularly well to lost source and homeland security applications where sources may be covertly hidden.

For more details see the Safe-Series pages on the web site: