Simulation News

Posted by: on 7th June 2017 at 11:35 am
Simulation News

 Our STS DP6 smart probe for the Radeye SX has gone down well with customers and is now in use in the UK and Europe.  This is the 2nd smart probe built by STS wher the user can utilise their own real survey meter to carry out their contamination training without requiring a dedicated instrument. 

We are now working on the development of the RadEye G10 survey meter utilising our "Safe-Series" technology to integrate our radio network system into the G10 so that it works with our mini-sources , EPD's and all the other Safe-Series kit.  (mock up of simulator - for guidance only)



We are also finishing the prototype of our new simulator for the Automess 6150AD.  This is based on the "Safe Series" simulation system and is built entirely by STS.  As the Safe series system uses a radio network the metal casing of the real instrument prevents the signal being seen by the detection circuit.  The simulator is housed in an ABS plastic case of almost identical dimensions and a similar overall weight.  Final software is being finished and a demonstration unit should be available within 4 weeks.

As always we are very happy to talk about new developments with you and welcome any enquiries or support that we can give you.

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