Portal Monitors for South Korea.

Posted by: on 11th October 2017 at 9:55 am
Portal Monitors for South Korea.

 STS have supplied further portal monitor simulation units to our distributors SI-Detection in South Korea.


 The portal simulation system works using the STS Safe-Series technology.



P1000574.JPGA detector is set up mounted on the real portal which is connected to a control box, in turn this is connected to a beacon and sounder activated when a person carrying a STS Pocket-Source passes through the portal.








Both the detector and the source have adjustable sensitivity/power settings so it is possible to tune the system to a desired level of sensitivity before activation. 

Being a radio network based system the signal from the source can also be attenuated by the person's body or other objects which adds to the realism of the scenario.


Pocket Source_1.jpg

It is also possible to develop the scenario further and inlude the use of contamination monitor simulators - applying the liquid simulant to the same person so that the Safe-Pocket Source triggers the portal.



An operator can then frisk the person with a STS contamination simulator to identify the apparent source of the activation. 





Safe-EPD Front cutout_1.jpg

Multiple sources may be used in the same scenario as may the STS Safe-EPD's to provide a further level of realism.