Norfolk Fire & Rescue choose STS

Posted by: on 19th July 2017 at 11:45 am
Norfolk Fire & Rescue choose STS

 STS were chosen by the Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service to supply them with a complete training solution for their radioactive incident training.

safe_dosi_source.jpgNFRS were looking for a solution to train their teams in the monitoring of an incident where radiological materials could be present and where the safety of the firefighters is paramount.  This needed to include the use of Personal Dosimeters, Survey Meters and Contamination Monitors. STS have supplied our Safe-Series system which uses a radio network to simulate a radiation field. Simulated EPD's and Survey Meters have been provided which detect the radio field and interpret it on the users device in Severts.  This technology has some great advantages, you can demonstrate shielding, time and distance and it has a 360 degree field pattern- and detection area and of course requires no real sources so no paperwork.

Safe_EPD_Side_cutout.jpgThe EPDs and Survey meter have been set to give the same alarm tones at the same set levels as the Service use on their own EPDs so realism is maximised.

Contam_1.jpgThe Service also chose the simulated Thermo Electra contamination monitor with an EP15 style probe to best replicate their own instruments, and utilising the STS liquid simulant can set up realistic scenarios to train for contamination monitoring, cross contamination and decontamination exercises.  The simulated source material is colourless, odourless and virtually invisible on a surface and even evaporates to leave the training area clean for next time.

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