New 6150AD Safe-Series

Posted by: on 25th November 2016 at 4:20 pm
New 6150AD Safe-Series

 STS is developing a new version of the 6150AD Simulator.  

The previous version which used the STS microwave technology has now been withdrawn from sale and the new instrument will utilise STS's improved Safe-Series technology.

The unit will be a copy of the real instrument but with entirely STS electronics inside, the form and size will be almost identical to the real instrument.

The Safe-Series technology offers a near isotropic field pattern from the simulated source, a near isotropic response from the detector and good inverse square and shielding representation.  The new Safe-6150AD will be available as a prototype for distributors to test and give feedback shortly with a final version to follow in the New Year.

STS are always striving to create new products that meet the requirements of the market and would welcome any input on new devices which should be considered.