ECJRC buys into STS RadEye simulators

Posted by: on 16th August 2017 at 10:55 am
ECJRC buys into STS RadEye simulators

 The European Commission Joint Research Centre have added to their existing range of STS simulators with purchases of STS's smart DP6 probes for the Thermo RadEye SX.  These innovative probes allow the user to use their existing real RadEyes without modification to provide a simulated response to an harmless source material.

DP6_top_view.jpg      Radeye_Cutout.jpg

Training on the instrument can therefore be carried out without any exposure to either the trainer or trainees and routine tasks can be practised multiple times without any impact on the user accumulated annual dose.

Electra_cut_out.JPG                       Mini_900___44a.jpg

These new units will be used in the training centre in Karlsruhe -Germany alongside theire existing Thermo Electras & Thermo Mini 900's along with a range of simulated probes all from STS.