6150ADK Probe now available

Posted by: on 19th March 2015 at 10:15 am
6150ADK Probe now available

 STS are please to announce that 2 simulated contamination probes for the 6150 series of instruments from Saphymo and Automess are now available.  STS has for some years produced the SPA6 probe, a cylindrical small area probe which connects directly to a real 6150AD but has now also launched the ADK wide area probe.

Based on the real automess ADK probe this has twin detectors built into it using the proven STS contamination simulation system.  The probe connects directly to a real unmodified 6150AD to give a wide area coverage for contamination monitoring exercises where large surface areas need to be covered.  The simulators work with both the STS LS1 liquid simulant and with the SS4 solid simulant.


6150AD_with_SPA6.jpg                                         ADK_Probe.jpg